Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. You're probably already thinking of all the tasty food you are going to eat, and how you're going to spend time with all your family and friends. Thanksgiving is definitely seen as a major food Holiday or THE food Holiday. However Just because you'll be surrounded with many foods this day doesn't mean you should stuff your face until you can't eat anymore, call it quits on reaching your goals until NEW year's all because you messed up on your diet one day.

I've decided to share some tips with you all, because thanksgiving should not stop you from reaching your goals.

First and foremost I want you to realize that the problem is not this day, it's the other days in the year and what you do with them. In order to achieve your goals you have to put in the work and that takes time and consistency. Now with that in mind I want you to view this day as any other day and realize that ONE day, no actually ONE meal is not going to RUIN your progress. Thanksgiving should not cause you any stress instead it should be a day that you can relax and enjoy what's important.


Let's be real here, no one expects you to eat a salad while everyone else is enjoying all the good stuff. However don't just load your plate with all the food that is being served. Think about the food or foods that you REALLY want to eat and must have, it's most likely not everything that is being served. If you pick the foods that you really like at reasonable portion size there is no reason to feel like you're missing out.


If you know that the foods at dinner are all going to be HIGH CALORIE then bring a dish that is healthy and tasty. Pick something that you will actually eat. Try making one of your favorite dishes/snack/dessert a healthier version. This way you'll still be able to enjoy your favorites and save yourself some calories.


Don't show up to dinner starving because you'll either binge on all the food or you'll keep on snacking on the appetizers until dinner is served. Wake up and eat breakfast, you can even eat your lunch. I know you're probably thinking "but isn't it better to save my calories for dinner?" Well yes if you have a lot of self control but if you're starving the last thing on your mind will be self control. So before going to dinner make sure you eat nutritious foods high in fiber as well as foods high in protein. You'll most likely be getting plenty of fats and carbs during dinner so try to eat lots of veggies and lean protein throughout the day.


Am I saying that you're not aloud to go for seconds?... heck no that is not what I'm saying. Heck you'll most likely go over your macros or your calories. THAT'S OKAY, it's not the end of the world. Enjoy the foods you love in MODERATION but don't go overboard either. If you are already FULL.... IF YOU ARE ALREADY FULL, don't go in serve yourself more food. Not only are you going to feel horrible after, but you're just eating unnecessary calories. Treat this day just like any other day and eat until you are full. It's all about moderation and portion control.


At the end of the day focus on what really matters and that is spending time with your FAMILY and FRIENDS. Don't stress about the food, don't put all your attention on how much you are going to eat, don't worry if the piece of pumpkin pie doesn't fit your macros. Instead be thankful that you are surrounded with people that you love or care about, and be thankful that you actually have something to eat this thanksgiving.

IF everything fails and you couldn't control yourself this thanksgiving and went a little overboard then remember it's just ONE day. Don't let it ruin your week, your month or the next couple of months. Don't make it an excuse as to why you can't reach your goals. Just get back on track, eat nutritious foods, pick up healthy behaviors, get moving and I guarantee you, one day isn't going to make a difference.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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